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We at Sunrise Seamless are your local gutter experts. Well designed, free-flowing gutters protect your most valuable asset - your home. Since 1989 we’ve been protecting homes like yours from water damage due to faulty or clogged gutters.

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Our Aunt Wanda Sales Approach

Aunt Wanda

Sunrise Seamless’ Unwavering Promise To Treat You Like Family

Ever since I made our first sale way back in the fall of 1989, I’ve always been honest and upfront.  It was the way I was raised, plain and simple.


It was frustrating though, because I would often lose sales to higher priced, smooth-talking salesmen -- salesmen who would use high pressure, manipulative sales tricks to get the job. 


It was so frustrating that I hired a business consultant to help us develop a sales approach that would increase our chances of beating the high pressure guys.   I liked the first six steps of his approach - the stickler was the seventh.


In a weak moment against all my better judgement,  I tried his seventh step.  It was a ‘sale’, that actually had ‘just expired’, but if the customer signed that day we would honor the sale price.  The thing is, there WAS no sale - just an inflated price reduced to our regular price.  It was simply a dirty, manipulative tactic just like those used by our competitors.


I hated it.


During this consulting period my Aunt Wanda happened to call for an estimate, so I asked our consultant how to use his sales approach with my aunt - I certainly didn’t want to use anything remotely resembling shady tricks on family.  His advice was eye opening.


“With family,” he said, “You need to be straight forward and give your best price up front.  Use the first six steps to introduce your company and describe your  products, but just give her your best price.  That’s what family members expect.”  When I hung up the phone I had already decided - we will give all our customers the best price upfront - no fake discounts, no manipulative tactics, no tricks that would make me lose sleep.


From that day I vowed to NEVER play pricing games with my customers.


We call it our “Aunt Wanda” sales approach.  You get the best deal right up front with ZERO pressure to buy. 


Just like family.

Our Services

We've Been Serving Lansing For Over 30 Years


Seamless Eavestrough

Both functional and aesthetic, our seamless eavestrough comes in 3 sizes and over 40 colors.  Our trained estimators can design a custom eavestrough system for your house.

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Leaf Terminator

Once we started using Leaf Terminator in 2012, it quickly became our number one recommendation to customers.  Its engineered design and installation process have created thousands of happy customers.

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Gutter Topper

Gutter protection is not one-size-fits all.  The original Gutter Topper is still the product of choice in many situations.

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Gutter Cleaning

Before installing any gutter protection we will thoroughly clean and ‘tune-up’ your existing gutters to insure they will function at maximum efficiency.  We will also clean all your downspouts - something many cleaning services overlook.

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Property damage

Failing gutter systems are a prime contributor to property damage on your home.  Rotting facia, decaying window sills, foundation leaks and landscape erosion are just some of the direct results of bad or undersized gutters.

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Our service pledge

We will answer your call, (or return it if we are on another line).  We will evaluate your issues and give you a clear and concise estimate.  We will keep our promises.  In short, we will treat you like family.

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Don't Take Our Word for It...

Customers have been raving about our service for over 30 years!

Thank you for your polite and professional business.  We are very pleased. Stop by anytime to see the finished product.

Bill & Linda


Steve, We think you guys did a nice job and would recommend your company to anyone asking in the future.


East Lansing

Steve, Once again, thanks for all your help.  The guys were great as usual.



My husband loves the new Gutter Topper.  Every day as he watches the leaves fall, he says how glad he is to not have to worry about cleaning them.

Mrs. W.


Jim an Jim did an "Absolutely wonderful job, they deserve major league "at-a-boys".  Thanks for hiring good workers.  We are well pleased with their work.''



Hi Steve, I had you install Gutter Topper several years ago and I could not be more pleased.  I used to have to clean the pine needles, oak and beech leaves, and acorns out of my gutters four or five times a year.  What a pain! Needless to say I have only been on my roof once a year since to check the flashing and seal on my chimney.  You can use me as a reference anytime.


Grand Ledge

Great Gutters For Low Dollars.  Sunrise Seamless is as cheerful as it's name would have you believe. Owner and operator Steve Whittaker makes sure you are taken care of. Whether you have a little one bedroom house or a ritzy psuedo-mansion, Sunrise will get the job done. Not only only do they do good work, they are also extremely reasonably priced. We shopped around to several different places, and not a one could even come close.

Blake N.


I appreciate the professionalism and courtesy exhibited by Mr. Hill, the person answering your phone, and the good work Sunrise did from start to finish.  I would be happy to recommend Sunrise to anyone who needs work done on their homes. 

Mrs. Jones

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