Next time you notice your eavestroughs need cleaning, remember that ladder falls are the second most common accident in the United States, second only to automobile accidents.  We would be happy to do this job for you, or better yet, see our Gutter Topper and Leaf Terminator pages for permanent solutions.


Who owns Sunrise Seamless?

Why, I do!  My name is Steve Whittaker and I've been in some sort of construction all my life.  I enjoy this kind of work and giving people good value for their home improvement dollar.

What to Expect when you call for an estimate?

Do you work for other companies?

Yes.  We are the installers of choice for over 100 of greater Lansing's best builders and remodelers. If you have a roofing, siding or remodeling project, feel free to call and we will refer you to one of our contractor partners.

How do you come up with a price for an estimate?

We have formulae that all our estimators follow, so identical houses would get identical quotes, regardless of who the estimator is.

Are your salesmen "high pressure"?

Don't worry about a high pressure sales pitch with us, we are decidedly "no pressure".  All we want is the chance to educate you to all your options so you make the best choice for you.  We want you to feel happy with your decision.  Our quotes are good for thirty days, and we welcome competing estimates, because we're confident the value of our jobs comes at a fair price.

Are you a lead certified renovator?

Yes.  We have been trained to test for lead based paint and the safe removal of existing building materials that contain lead paint.  By law, any old gutters containing lead paint must be disposed of properly.  Older, galvanized gutters are the most likely to have lead based paint.

Are you insured?

That is a great question!  Any one working on your property needs to be insured.  If they aren't and an accident happens, you, as the homeowner, will be held liable.  And yes we do have a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy.


Do I need eavestrough?

Yes.  Rain can be very destructive.  Water causes rotting foundations and encourages termites and ants.  It can also damage concrete foundations and flood basements.

What does seamless mean?  Do your gutters really have no seams?

Yes, seamless means no seams.  If you have a sixty foot house you’ll have a sixty foot section of gutter.  The only exception is if your eaves turn a corner, they haven’t figured out how do make a seamless corner.  However, we have developed a system for installing and sealing corners and we will guarantee them against leaking for five years.

Will new gutters keep water out of my basement?

Maybe.  If the source of water that is seeping into your basement is coming from bad gutters, then fixing the gutters will go a long way to drying out your basement.  If the water is normal ground water, however, then new gutters probably won’t help.  New eavestroughs are a more affordable option then most of the basement waterproofing systems, so it makes sense to make sure they are working as your first step.

Can you paint gutters?

Yes, if we can’t come up with a match for your house from our over 40 different gutter colors, gutters can be painted.  This is not a service we provide and you will need to check with a qualified paint supplier to insure a good paint job.

Are you careful of my landscaping while doing my installation?

Yes, our crews are very considerate of your bushes and plantings.  Sometimes, minor damage is unavoidable, and we ask for your understanding.  If we are, indeed, negligent, we will do what we can to make things right for you.

Will you make sure my new gutters drain properly?

Absolutely!  We use levels while installing your gutters to insure good water flow to the downspouts.


Is gutter protection maintenance free?

Gutter Topper and Leaf Terminator are very close to maintenance free.  Any maintenance should be able to be done with a garden hose from the ground.  If that doesn’t do the job, call us and we’ll take care of it.  See our “Gutter Topper” and “Leaf Terminator” pages.

Will gutter protection cause ice?

No, Gutter protection does not cause ice to form.  However, you may notice ice forming on top of the product, which is better than ice inside your gutters.  If you did not have an ice problem before we install gutter protection, you should not have one after we install them.  See the page “Property Damage”


Do you recycle?

Yes, we recycle - a lot!  All the cardboard that our products are shipped to us in gets recycled, along with all the steel and aluminum gutters that are removed from the houses we work on.  That works out to approximate yearly numbers of; cardboard - 3000 lbs. Steel - 2000 lbs and aluminum 6,000 lbs.

All the wooden pallets we receive are turned into firewood kindling.  That’s a lot of material that doesn’t go to the landfill!

Not only do we recycle as much of the waste as possible, but all the new material we use is recyclable when, far in the future, it has reached the end of it's usefulness.

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    Don't Take Our Word for It...

    Customers have been raving about our service for over 30 years!

    Thank you for your polite and professional business.  We are very pleased. Stop by anytime to see the finished product.

    Bill & Linda


    Steve, We think you guys did a nice job and would recommend your company to anyone asking in the future.


    East Lansing

    Steve, Once again, thanks for all your help.  The guys were great as usual.



    My husband loves the new Gutter Topper.  Every day as he watches the leaves fall, he says how glad he is to not have to worry about cleaning them.

    Mrs. W.


    Jim an Jim did an "Absolutely wonderful job, they deserve major league "at-a-boys".  Thanks for hiring good workers.  We are well pleased with their work.''



    Hi Steve, I had you install Gutter Topper several years ago and I could not be more pleased.  I used to have to clean the pine needles, oak and beech leaves, and acorns out of my gutters four or five times a year.  What a pain! Needless to say I have only been on my roof once a year since to check the flashing and seal on my chimney.  You can use me as a reference anytime.


    Grand Ledge

    Great Gutters For Low Dollars.  Sunrise Seamless is as cheerful as it's name would have you believe. Owner and operator Steve Whittaker makes sure you are taken care of. Whether you have a little one bedroom house or a ritzy psuedo-mansion, Sunrise will get the job done. Not only only do they do good work, they are also extremely reasonably priced. We shopped around to several different places, and not a one could even come close.

    Blake N.


    I appreciate the professionalism and courtesy exhibited by Mr. Hill, the person answering your phone, and the good work Sunrise did from start to finish.  I would be happy to recommend Sunrise to anyone who needs work done on their homes. 

    Mrs. Jones

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